Review: Abel Odor Discovery Set

I recently received the Abel Odor Discovery Set, and after more than a week of testing I would like to share my thoughts on these lovely fragrances.

While far from an expert, I do wear perfume almost everyday and enjoy switching up my scents based on mood, occasion, or season. I think that perfumes can be inspiring – they can transport you to a completely different world. Wearing a new perfume is almost like trying on a new persona, with each scent evoking a different set of emotions and memories.

To test, I wore each scent for at least one full day, taking notes on first impressions and how it fared throughout the day. It was a genuinely pleasant exercise, so if you enjoy perfumes and don’t have a chance to try these in person or don’t find this review helpful, I recommend ordering this discovery set for yourself!

This is also my first time writing about fragrances, so I’m going to do my best to give the most detailed interpretation of the scents I can.

Here we go!

Abel’s Vita Odor Collection

These five scents are modern, sophisticated natural perfumes – all exquisite in their own right. They are also 100% natural, vegan-friendly and unisex.

White Vetiver

  • Top notes: lime, spearmint, bergamot
  • Heart notes: ginger, palmarosa
  • Base notes: vetiver, vanilla, ambergris

This was the most pleasantly surprising scent for me, and I would happily wear this on a regular basis. It’s fresh, energizing and crisp without being overwhelming. It’s reminiscent of being in the outdoors in the freshest air you could imagine, or taking that first sip of a zesty, fizzy cocktail. While wearing the White Vetiver I felt it lift my spirits, feeling more “bright-eyed and bushy-tailed”.

I guess I would say that this is a daytime perfume, but I wouldn’t associate it with any one season.

Golden Neroli

  • Top notes: neroli, matcha tea
  • Heart notes: petitgrain, ylang ylang, jasmin sambac
  • Base notes: East Indian sandalwood, vanilla

This is the sweetest scent out of the five. I generally enjoy sweeter perfumes, but floral perfumes just aren’t really my cup of tea (and this is definitely floral). Of all the notes, I felt the jasmine come through the most. It’s soft and playful, like wearing a sundress on a warm day in the countryside, spending all day outside with nothing to do.

If you like floral perfumes, the Golden Neroli is worth checking out. It would make for a very nice spring or summer time perfume.

Red Santal

  • Top notes: clove bud, pink and black pepper
  • Heart notes: bergamot, ginger, thyme
  • Base notes: East Indian, West Indies and Australian sandalwood

This is the most enjoyable scent for me. I was expecting it to be my favorite and it lived up to the expectation. It’s warm, spicy, and enticing – it’s one of those scents that, when you first start wearing it, you can’t stop yourself from smelling it all day.

I do wish it had a bit more longevity, as I found myself reapplying at least once throughout the day. This might be more of a fall or winter perfume, but I’d probably wear it all year round.

Cobalt Amber

  • Top notes: pink pepper, cardamom, juniper berry
  • Heart notes: cacao, tonka, peru balsam
  • Base notes: amber

My first impression of this scent wasn’t great, and I expected to like this one a lot. I think the top notes come through really strong at the beginning, but they even out over time. It seemed to stay on longer than any of the others, and as the day went on it began to grow on me.

The warmness comes through really nicely, and the pink pepper is just enough spice to round this scent out. I would associate the Cobalt Amber with a warm summer night or a romantic evening out.

Grey Labdanum

  • Top notes: grapefruit, bitter orange, violet
  • Heart notes: patchouli, clary sage
  • Base notes: labdanum

This is definitely the most striking of all. In the conventional sense of perfumes, this scent is a bit masculine, which I like. While wearing it, I felt a sense of power and confidence, but also a sense of calmness with the lavender coming through quite strong.

It’s hard to imagine just one occasion for this scent. If you’re looking to turn heads (or noses), then it’s that occasion.

In conclusion, choosing just one favorite from these five would be next to impossible. As an everyday perfume I would personally choose the Red Santal, and for special occasions the White Vetiver. To make a statement, I would definitely wear the Grey Labdanum.

I wonder which one I will choose?


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