Esse Skincare Sensitive Range for Reactive Skin

Esse Skincare’s new Sensitive Range will give you LIFE, literally.

Made with Esse’s BIOME+ technology and live probiotics, the line actively works to improve the microbial mix on your skin. Basically, it normalizes the tiny ecosystem that lives on our skin to live in harmony with the outside world.

So, if you have sensitive skin (which many of us do), you can use the Sensitive Range to train your skin to protect itself from irritants and fix imbalances.

Sensitive Cleanser

I always look for a cleanser that is gentle enough for me to take off my makeup and cleanse in one go if I’m in a hurry. This is one of those products. It’s very mild, 100% natural (♪♫ ain’t nothing like the real thing, baby ♪♫) and has a short list of ingredients.

The active ingredients in the cleanser are Lactobacillus probiotic extract and Aloe Vera Gel. In short, it serves two basic but important functions: taking off the day and minimizing your skin’s chance of allergic reactions.

Sensitive Toner

We all know that toner is an important part of our skincare rituals, right?

This one contains prebiotics to feed the microbes so they can fend off any unwanted intruders, as well as probiotics to fortify our skin’s barrier function and stimulate the production of important peptides to aid in the correction of our skin’s microbiome.

You can also use this toner throughout the day whenever your skin is feeling a bit lifeless or thirsty.

Hydro Moisturiser

The moisturizer also contains both prebiotics and probiotics to boost our skin’s immune system, and Hyaluronic Acid to help your skin hold in moisture longer. It goes on pretty thick, thicker than I would probably prefer, but it doesn’t feel greasy. Like all the products in this line it’s virtually fragrance-free.

If you have very dry and extra sensitive skin, you may want to opt for the Nourish Moisturiser, I’ve read great reviews.

Sensitive Serum

This is probably the most special product in this line. It contains more than one billion LIVE probiotic Lactobacillus microbes per milliliter (so now you get the really funny joke I made earlier). It increases the probiotic microbial populations so much that there’s no room for bad guys to invade your skin’s ecosystem.

Avoid using this serum with makeup – we don’t want any of the preservatives that might be in our make up to kill all those microbes hard at work. So far I’ve been using this at night just before I go to bed.

After about a week of use, my skin is noticeably clearer, calmer, and looks and feels softer and smoother. Just look how confident it’s got me feeling:

This line has definitely secured a place on my “top shelf”, especially for when my skin starts acting up. For more information on probiotic skincare check out Esse’s website and you can buy all of these products and more from Natural Goods Company! Oh, and it’s unisex, so everybody can start incorporating probiotics into their skincare.


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