Benecos: Natural Beauty on a Budget

Swapping your makeup for natural and non-toxic brands can be an investment. It’s hard to know which products you’ll love, especially when you have to pay more than you usually would on drugstore brands.

But, lucky for us, there’s a brand that ticks all the boxes and is available in Finland for extremely affordable prices: Benecos. All of their BDIH-certified products are free from mineral oils, silicones, parabens, synthetic emulsifiers, synthetic colorants or aromatic substances.

I had a chance to test a wide range of their products for a full makeup look that I loved. Here’s a quick review of what I tried:


Natural Creamy Makeup in Nude (Vegan)

I wish they had more shades available because I do like using cream foundations (though I always set with a powder). This foundation wasn’t a perfect match for my skin, even though it’s the lightest shade, but after blending and setting it actually gave my skin a nice glow.

Mattifying Compact Powder in Fair (Vegan)

Luckily this compact powder did match my skin really well, and I see myself using it on a regular basis. I’ve been using more and more powder foundations lately because it doesn’t settle in the wrinkles I’m starting to form (OMG) and just gives me an overall better finish.

Blush Trio in Fall in Love 

I really like this blush trio. It has two matte shades and one with a bit of shimmer so you can use them separately or all together.

Natural Eyebrow-Designer in Blonde (Vegan)

I don’t usually do anything with my eyebrows as far as coloring them in (should I? What do you guys think?) so I’m not sure I’ll be using this, although it did match my brows well enough that I could.


Beautiful Eyes Eye Shadow Quad (Vegan)

I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked these colors on my eyes. Although I know purples and pinks are great for green eyes, I usually stick to warmer colors on my eyes. I don’t see any downsides to this eye shadow palette especially considering the price. It also comes in Coffee & Cream and Smokey Eyes.

Natural Kajal Eyeliner in Brown

Easy to apply and long-lasting. It blends well and doesn’t interfere with the eye shadow, or vice versa. They also have 8 other shades aside from brown, so I think I will give the purple shade a try since I loved the eye shadow quad so much.

Natural Multi-Effect Mascara in Just Black

An all-around great mascara that provides both length and volume. It’s a bit thinner than other mascaras I’ve tried but if you can get through application without sneezing (don’t you hate it when that happens?!) this is a non-issue. Benecos also makes a vegan mascara, though I haven’t tested it myself.


Natural Lipstick in Pink Honey

I’d be interested in testing the other shades of Benecos lipsticks because this one has a lot of pigment and applies really well compared to other natural lipsticks I’ve tried. They have 12 different shades of lipsticks but also a couple Shiny Lip Colours and of course, their lip glosses.

Natural Lipgloss in Natural Glam

An everyday lip gloss that deserves a permanent spot in your purse. It applies well and isn’t sticky, which is something I hate in a lip gloss. It’s made with jojoba and organic sunflower seed oil (vitamin E) so it also nourishes and protects.


Happy Nails Nail Polish in You-nique (Vegan)

This is one of the only nail polish shades that I will actually buy again once I’ve used it all. I don’t usually get attached to nail polishes but this is literally the best nude color I’ve ever tried (I don’t think the photo does it much justice, but it could just be me). I love it so much. 100% recommend.

This brand is so affordable that anyone can make the switch to natural makeup. I don’t think there’s another brand on the market right now that can beat the price to quality ratio.

And this week, if you use the code penny20 at Ekovista you’ll get an extra 20 percent off all Benecos products. Such a good deal!

Now you can go and get some of your Christmas shopping done. I will personally be buying more nail and lip colors.


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